Alfred Rassan

Caretaker of New York Public Library and Neutral Ground.


High Concept Groundskeeper with a secret.
Other aspects Accorded Neutral Ground, “If I have to throw you out, I will”, The rules are there for a reason.
Motivation It is Alfred’s job to maintain order (as upheld by the Unseelie Accords) of Neutral ground. He does this with extreme prejudice and order will be maintined.

Alfred is older and appears to be about mid-50’s with a bit of a slightly well weathered but working man appearance. Caucasian, close shaven light colored hair, 6’4" with some muscle mass on a taller frame with larger hands and shoulders. Alfred is never seen outside of his janitor jumpsuit with his requisite reading glasses always in his front breast pocket under his nametag.


Alfred Rassan tends to the Park and Library maintaining the Lions, cleaning the monuments, going through the special collections in the basement of the extended underground stacks of the Library, etc. No one really seems to know much about Alfred and he appears to prefer it that way, barely speaking with visitors though he is the authority on directions when underground especially. However, one thing that is known is that Alfred is most certainly “in the know” as it were since he was obviously hired for the reason of maintaining the Park/Library AS Neutral Ground rather than simply keeping it clean.

Alfred Rassan

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