Christian Descartes

White Court Patriarch of House Descartes


High Concept White Court Patriarch
Other aspects None shall stand in our rise to power!, Stunningly attractive, A weakness for the dice.
Motivation Christian’s motiviation is simple. To get House Descartes into one of the three houses of power in the White Court.

An extremely attractive man who appears to be in his early 30’s with dark auburn hair, grey eyes, and a striking, strong-boned face. He looks every inch the well-bred and well-educated man that he is. Likes to wear sharply tailored grey suits and thinner beautifully designed silk ties. Christian also maintains the perfect gentlemanly exterior of the silk pocket handkerchief and every other outward accoutrement when needed with every accessory having expensive, and beautiful, detailing. Standing at about 6’, he seems to be leanly muscled with more of a swimmers or a runner’s body than a weight lifter. Christian also has a rather piercing gaze that can be used to make someone feel ill at ease or incredibly wanted dependent on his mood.


The Descartes family as usual has a small, inner-circle, reputation for being great philanthropists. While Christian must follow this apparent modus operandi, he also is known individually for being extremely intelligent and rather ruthless. He is not one any one can pull something over on. Christian has been known to cut such behavior off at the knees, leaving people to wonder at the fact that he seems to know everything that pertains his district. Always flawless at circling attention and running events he is mostly known in the wealthier areas of the city as a charming host or guest and is therefore much invited to parties, events, etc around the city.

Christian Descartes

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