Dr. Christian St. Claire

Summer court surgeons


High Concept Summer Court Surgeon
Other aspects Slice for a price, Information monger, Ever watchful of Winter
Motivation Christian is motivated by his own self interest. He likes the prestigue and fame he gets from being a surgeon. Also, he always is keeping an eye on Winter.


World-renowned plastic surgeon who, as it happens, is fairy of the Summer Court. Startlingly good looking (but perhaps it has more to do with glamour than the knife), Dr. St. Claire is surgeon to the stars, using his looks and charisma to stay on top of a competitive business. He is famous for keeping secrets about the work he has done on the starlets of New York and Hollywood—as long as you can pay his price.

Chrisian also watches Winter. He knows you can’t trust the cold bastards, so he tries to keep an eye on them as much as he can.

He feeds on attention, and he has a clinic for helping indigent patients with burns or birth defects to keep himself in the headlines and the city’s good graces. He serves as a bridge and information conduit between the Summer Court and the mundane world. Remember the bit about paying his price? It applies to information, too.

Dr. Christian St. Claire

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