Jace court minion


Jikininki appear much alike a cross between a zombie and a ghoul. They retain the basic outward appearance they had in life, only now decomposed, with a hunchbacked feral posture, glowing eyes, and ragged fangs and claws. They are a horrifying sight, and any mortal who views one finds himself or herself frozen in fear.

High Concept Hungry for flesh
Good +3
Fair +2

-1 living dead
-1 claws
-1 Pack instintcs
-2 inhuman strength
-2 inhuman speed
-2 inhuman toughness

Mental 2
Physical 5
Social 2

Notes Special attack. Your bite is poisonous in a really bad way. Make a Fists maneuver; if successful, the target gains a Death Rot aspect.

Each day the player has the disease, they will gain another

The way this will work is if the player fails the roll, they automatically lose their bonuses for one of the following: speed, strength, or toughness. If the player only has one of the three, it is automatically the on they lose. If they have two, they roll a fudge die and assign each power to the die (+ for on and – for the other). If they have all three, they roll a fudge die and assign each power to the die.


Jikininki are the spirits of greedy, selfish or impious individuals who are cursed after death to seek out and eat human corpses. They do this at night, scavenging for newly dead bodies and food offerings left for the dead. They sometimes also loot the corpses they eat for valuables, which they use to bribe local officials to leave them in peace. Nevertheless, jikininki lament their condition and hate their repugnant cravings for dead human flesh.

They favor bursting up from shallow graves or leaping from behind tombstones, but are cunning enough to use whatever natural features provide them the best advantage against the living. They bit first in attempt to afflict the living with their rotting curse, before flailing about with their claws.


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