Mitsuko Yoshimo

White Council Warden


High Concept Warden Combat Trainer
Other Aspects "I will redeem myself*, Honorable, Nightmares of The Darkhollow
Motivation Ever since getting injured at the Darkhollow with Harry Dresden, Mitsuko has worked extremely hard at redeeming herself. She feels as if she failed Captian Luccio.


Mitsuko was a distant relative to someone else you may have heard of. Shiro Yoshima, Knight of the Cross, whom died at the hands of the Denarian Nicodemus. What makes this more interesting is that it was found out that Shiro was a direct descendant of the king of Okinaway, Sho Tai. Which means, she is also a distant reletive to the long dead king.

Mitsuko Yoshimo

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