Professor George Alvarez

Werewolf curator of the American Museum of Natural History


No phsyical description as of yet.


Prof. George Alvarez: Brazilian native and head curator of the American Museum of Natural History since 1987. Also a werewolf, and in charge of the Delta Gamma group of wolves that control the southern half of the park. He has personally trained the entire pack in the Brazillian shape-shifting tradition and wolf-form techniques, and he councils the pack to have a strong sense of duty to the community they are trying to protect. The DGs are in constant conflict with the Epsilon Epsilon group of lycanthropes that control the northern half of the park when the moon is full, feasting on anyone unlucky enough to wander into their territory after dark. In addition to trying to control the Double-E threat, the DGs try to keep the park safe from thugs—both supernatural and mundane—who prey on the people of NYC. A good pack to have at your back—but don’t get on their bad side or get caught infringing on their territory, because they have sharp teeth. (Professor Stats in Our world p 70, Delta Gamas werewolves on 93)

Professor George Alvarez

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