Sara Reese


Age 37, short, frumpy looking, brown hair, hazel eyes, tacky dresser.

High Concept:
Reporter for New York Sun
Alertness: Fair (2)
Deceit: Fair (
Empathy: Good (3)
Investigation: Good (
Lore: Average (1)
Rapport: Fair (
Most other skills default to Mediocre, with a
few at Average.
Ear to the Ground (Contacts): Difficulty of
any Getting the Tip-Off roll is reduced by 2.
Mental ooo Physical oo Social ooo
Total Refresh Cost: +1 (Pure Mortal)


Sara is a homicide/violent crimes reporter for the New York Sun. We resurrected this paper to be above the NY Post and Daily News, but less than the NY Times. She is an acclaimed reporter that has no problem with reporting things that make her superiors more than a little uncomfortable. She has many contacts throughout the city, and is very well respected in the industry. She seems obsessed at times at trying to find out the particulars of the grizzlier acts that happen in the city.

probably gonna change her too

Sara Reese

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