Three Oaths Chow

14K ghoul leader


Of an indeterminate age, she is 5’5” and an athletic Chinese woman who looks to be in her 30’s. Always showcasing the latest fashion of knock-off designer apparel, she is rarely seen without her signature heavy make-up and huge Chanel sunglasses, scarf and sun hat. A heavy smoker, she is also known to ‘chase the dragon’ and is supposedly a mild opium addict. She claims her swarthy skin to the leathery look of her Singapore/Malay ancestry and her stint as a pirate in the Southeast Asian Sea during her youth.


Three Oaths Chow: Leader of the Triad and a ghoul. “Three Oaths” is, as she is nicknamed in the back alleys of Chinatown, is a Chinese female warlord and the third in history for a female to rise to the rank of Deputy Officer (directly reporting to the Leader of the Triad branch- aka the Dragon Head). An unspoken rumor told in the sex dens is the Deputy’s taste for the ladies, as she doesn’t trust men. Little else is known about her.

Three Oaths Chow

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