Kitsue of Inari


Physical Description. Standing barely at five feet and three inches, Tora-ko is petite by nature with pale creamy skin, large gold eyes and extremely long wavy auburn hair (it reaches down to the back of her knees) which seems to float around her like some kind of romantic painting. Facially she has high cheekbones in an oval face. Somehow Tora-ko looks both vaguely exotic and delicate all at the same time, yet she also has an extremely direct and unflappable manner that off-sets the daintiness of her physical attributes. She wears a top that looks almost like a happi coat, with basic over-lapping lapels with inner ties that reaches her mid-hip with slashes at the hips so there is greater movement and normal long sleeves, in a dusky violet color with scenes of waterfalls, flying cranes, and patterned breezes decorated on it with swirling gold accents. Tora-ko also wears a wide belt that looks influenced by the obi style in a peachy-gold color over that (and is secretly padded for slight armor effect for her innards) and legging-style pants with ballet style shoes in just a shade darker and more greyed out than the shirt. Tora-ko also wears a beautiful pendant whose central vaguely teardrop shaped orb looks mostly like a peachy/pearly moonstone in a setting of gold and looks vaguely like a full moon set over the sun with rays of gold darting out below. She has an intricately carved ear-cuff on the top of her right ear with a similar delicate cuff style bracelet on her left wrist and a matching gold ring on her right pointer finger.

As a fox, resembling the vulpes vulpes fox, Tora-ko is mostly a creamy white color with auburn shading on her legs, tail, and face with her ears being tipped with an even darker shading of auburn.

High Concept-Dedicated Zenko
Trouble-Slow-Burn of Vengeance
Thirst for Knowledge
Eyes Wide Open
Do Not Stray From the Path
Cool Under Pressure
Too Attractive By Half

Superb 5
Great +4
Good +3
Alertness (
7 due to Inhuman Speed)
Stealth (difficulty is lowered by two due to Inhuman Speed)
Fair +2
Athletics (+1 due to Inhuman Speed)
Average +1

-1 Marked by Power
-2 Glamours
-3 Evocation-Air, Spirit, and Water
-2 Inhuman Speed
+1 Item of Power-Ear Cuff
-2 Inhuman Toughness
+2 The Catch-cold iron
-1 Refinement Evocation
Air +1 Power
Spirit +1 Control

Focus Items
Bracelet (left wrist): +1 Defensive Power (Spirit)
Ring (right pointer finger): +1 Offensive Power (Air)

Physical (Endurance): 000 (00) due to Inhuman Toughness).
Mental (Conviction): 0000
Social (Presence): 0000

Armor: 1 against ALL physical stress

Mild/Mental/-2 extra mental consequence due to high conviction.

Fate Points 2


Background Tora-ko was one in a set of fraternal twins born into a long line of kitsune ( that serve the Shinto goddess Inari ( Raised in Japan during the beginning of the Taisho period ( with her sister Yukika-ko, Tora-ko was raised in the more liberal spirit of the times. Throughout her childhood Tora-ko and the other zenkos in training were driven through rigorous training and education, learning performing arts (Tora-ko specialized in dance while Yukika-ko chose to play the more traditional shamisen), martial arts, tea ceremony, calligraphy, literature, poetry, the basics of evocation and glamours along with the more subtle social skills that can become quite handy. Tora-ko loved her studies and embraced what she learned, avidly enjoying a true passion for the training she received. Tora-ko especially loved her evocation studies, specializing in the more intangible elements Air, Water, and Spirit as they corresponded with her more modern mode of thought, along with the intersection of her studies in dance and martial arts followed closely by her classes in literature and poetry. Her sister Yukika-ko was a bit more traditional preferring her studies in tea ceremony, calligraphy, and glamours with a special love for the shamisen. From an early age, Tora-ko learned the benefits of constant academic discipline and persistent practice and therefore, despite her petite size, she grew to have a real apt for the combative and logistic arts, defeating many of her larger (and at times male) kitsune in various practices. Tora-ko was a bit of an impassioned school nerd one could say.

Rising Conflict From an early age the twins were extremely close. Though opposites in many ways, even in looks with Yukika-ko having white blond hair and cool violet eyes while Tora-ko has light auburn-brown hair and gold eyes, they were closer for those differences. Yukika-ko was a bit more quiet of temperament than Tora-ko and so would at times need to have time to herself apart from her more progressive twin. It was due to these more solitary wanderings though that Yukika-ko ended up in trouble. Lovely as kitsune are wont to be, Yukika-ko attracted the attention of a member of the Jade court who was intrigued by the still unfolding grace and power inherent in her soul and took it upon himself to gain her trust. The gaki took pleasure in slowly corrupting Yukika-ko, consuming her soul slowly, so as to watch the chaos her resulting changed reactions would create. Finally, almost hollowed out, Yukika-ko was used as a vessel to murder one of the oldest teachers at the zenko school and left in a near catatonic state. Unresponsive, the school sent for another elder zenko to be able to glean whatever connections they could get from Yukika-ko’s inert form. The gaki, covering its trail, induced Yukika-ko to commit suicide, consuming the final remains of her soul but leaving her dead body to be found by the school. Tora-ko noticed immediately when Yukika-ko began to behave erratically, however, because the change was so gradual, no one would believe it was anything but a natural period of teenage angst and self-isolation. Tora-ko attempted to trail her sister many times but given it was her twin, Yukika-ko knew exactly how to lose her in her walks. When Yukika-ko was finally left a catatonic shell, Tora-ko insisted on taking care of her, beyond angry at everyone for allowing her sister to be corrupted and consumed. Tora-ko was therefore the one to find Yukika-ko dead and she can never forget the sight of her beloved sister hollowed out and degraded beyond all hope. She quickly learned just how dangerous the world can be and that pitfalls can happen to even those supposedly prepared for them.

The Story Tora-ko spent the remainder of her years studying even further pushing herself in her tutelage in the hopes of being even more vigilant when she becomes fully initiated as a true servant of Inari. After Tora-ko is accepted into the graces of Inari as a full zenko, she is sent on her first mission to track down what seems to be a rogue yako or evil kitsune. In the process of her pursuit, Tora-ko discovers that the case is in fact that of possession by a disembodied yako, the helpless human, having accidentally opened themselves to the malevolent spirit in their daily life. However, while Tora-ko is adept at blasting her way through a foe, the tricky thaumaturgical process required to remove a possessing spirit from a corporeal vessel is simply out of her range of abilities or training. In researching with sources Tora-ko is referenced to consult with the prestigious, and devout, Sun family. Meeting Kong-Ming, Tora-ko finds exactly the type of person she required given his combination of experience, knowledge, and purity of spirit. With Kong-Ming Tora-ko successfully completes her first mission as a zenko, ejecting the invading yako and banishing it to a contained space for good, restoring harmony to the individual and the surrounding vicinity.


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