Zhuge Liang Sun aka Kong Ming

Taoist Wizard of the Sun Family


Physical Description.

High Concept-The Taoist Alchemist of the Sun Family
Trouble-Troubled Vision
Ancient Chinese Secret
Good Shall Overcome
Master of Magic
Strange World
United We Stand

Superb +5
Great +4
Good +3
Fair +2
Average +1

-3 Evocation-Air, Earth, and Water
-3 Thaumaturgy-thematic Thaumaturgy-alchemist
-1 Refinement Thaumaturgy
-1 The Sight
-0 Soulgaze
-0 Wizards’s Constitution
-0 The Hyun-Yu aka Cassandra’s Tears

Evocation-Entropomancy-Control +1
Thaumaturgy (refined 1 step)-Crafting +2, Potions +1)
Crafting frequency +1

Focus Items
Thaumaturgy: Athame of Bloodline Jade +1Strength
Entropy Bracer: +1 Defensive Power

Enchanted items
Earth Dragon Shield Changshan (long coat) Armor 1
Evocation. Wind Fair (+1 air offensive, power)
2 slots for potions

Physical (endurance) 000
Mental (conviction) 0000
Social (presence) 000

Mild/any/-2 extra mental consequence due to high conviction.

Fate points 2


Background Having been raised in the family training of the ancient Sun Wizardry ways, the family secrets are passed down in the ancient arts through the Sun tradition in a long line of Geomancers, Alchemists, Taoists and Thaumaturgists. Learning the craft and the thaumaturgy of Chinese arts supplemented with Herbology and Apothecary training. Kong-Ming is a good first son and inheritor of the ancient line, proud to be a part of the secret White Lotus Society. The Suns are a disciplined and strict family and so was the upbringing. Making friends in the neighborhood was the only outlet for KM throughout the strict disciplinary childhood and his only normalcy as a child. Upon the age of ascension, KM is now the Sun family representative in the White Lotus Society Sect of the Tongs in Chinatown. Now at the age of 65, he still looks of the age of 30. It must be an ancient Chinese secret. His clothes always look freshly laundered. Probably due to the Chinese Laundromats that the family owns as well as restaurants and apothecaries in Chinatown.

Rising conflict Having tormenting visions since childhood, he has found them to almost always come true and although he does try to intervene with fate, he finds that he is unable to save everyone in his visions. Through Chinese medicine or through magical healing, there is just not enough good to go around in the world. Building a reputation for good in Chinatown, he has tried to help all that come to him.

The story While crafting a few enchanted items, a gruesome vision came to KM, showing a dark and evil engulfing a bald monkey, a kimono dressed fox and a snowy owl. In using divination and following the tracking spell to locate a demon that threatened Chinatown, this was the first great test for KM. In the first battle with the demon, he had to ultimately escape the battle, but had successfully gauged the quality and power of the demon. Upon returning to a second battle, fully prepared and aided by a Monkey Monk (who was key in distracting the demon in order to lay a trap to bind it), he found that good must combine to fight evil and only in unity and preparedness shall the day be won. Henceforth, the Monk and KM have been working together in Earth magic.

Zhuge Liang Sun aka Kong Ming

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