The Laws of Magic

The White Council’s Wardens are the main law enforcement body of the supernatural world—at least as far as mortals go. For the Wardens, the Laws of Magic are sacrosanct. The Laws of Magic are clear, concise, and offer little in the way of “wiggle room”—at least in the views of some Wardens—but are very much written to communicate the spirit of the law, which is the mode in which they are enforced. (This stands in contrast to the other major body of supernatural legalese, the Unseelie Accords, where

there is no spirit of the law—only the letter of it.

Breaking the Laws of Magic
While the Laws of Magic may seem more like a guide for living right as a spellcaster, they exist for a very serious, very palpable reason: whenever you make use of true black magic—using your talent in spellcraft in a way that breaks one of the Laws—you change yourself, darkening your soul. Whenever you choose to break one of the Laws of Magic, you’re crossing a very real line. By taking such an action, you’ve altered your self-image and your beliefs—the very basis of you—to be the sort of person who breaks that Law. Often, once you do that, there’s no turning back. Listed below are the Laws of Magic.

The First Law-Never kill another.
The Second Law-Never transform another
The Third Law-Never invade the thoughts of another
The Fourth Law-Never enthrall another
The Fifth Law-Never reach beyond the borders of life
The Sixth Law-Never swim against the currents of time.
The Seventh Law-Never seek knowledge and power from beyond the outer gates.

The Laws of Magic

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