Case File 1 The Red Court's Demise

To Ebenezar McCoy, Senior Council
CC Carlos Ramirez, American Regional Commander, Western Region
Bill Myers, American Regional Commander, Southern Region

A report on the current status of New York City
Author: Siobhan O’Connell. American Regional Commander, Eastern Region.
Date: January 8th, 2011.

Wizard Mccoy,

Per your request these case files are being sent EYES ONLY to you, and the other Regional Commanders. I must raise concern again on the fact that no one can contact Captain Luccio.

It has been two days since the Red Court was obliterated by White Council Regional Commander, Harry Dresden and his allies. I witnessed this historic event, and I have yet to come to grasp with the ramifications of it.

Since the inception of the Vampire War ten years ago, there was a continuous conflict between the White Council and the Red Court (with occasional help from the other supernatural factions in the city). This is not to say there are no other concerns within the city, but to point out the danger the Red Court represented to all whom lived here. And also to point out how the White Council could rarely afford to use its manpower in anything unrelated to the war.

Before the annihilation of the Red Court, the Red Court’s influence had spread throughout the city. The most frightening aspect of that is that it was even worse than the Council had even feared at first.

The Red Court had slowly over the years, influenced much of what happened in the city. They had taken over much of the Wall Street area and with that had control of a lot of the money that flowed around the city. They also had alliances with many of the other supernatural factions in the city and used them in their continuing war efforts.

As you know, The White Council was sorely pressed due to the war. Over time, it became clear that there was a large number of the Red Court concentrating on New York City. Because of this, the White Council brought in Wardens to protect the city, even as shorthanded as they were.

The most prominent member of the Red Court was Diego Ortega, descendent of Paolo and Arianna Ortega. Under his direction, they had their hands in just about everything that went on throughout the city. Drugs, prostitution, slavery, etc. Because of this, they tended to be at odds with the Triad in Chinatown, and their leader Three Oaths Chow. Three Oaths is known to be a ghoul of considerable power. It never made sense to that they would be in open conflict with the Triad, while in a war with the White Council. Yet, if there was one thing that can be said about the Red Court during the war is that they were highly inconsistent in their actions during the war. On some occasions, they would pull off an attack that took intricate timing and precision execution. Then there would be nothing for months and they would lose ground again. It is rumored this was due to the erratic behavior of the Red King.

The last few years the Red Court concentrated on The White Council and our allies. During the war, five wardens in this region died at the hands of the Red Court. For more information, see the White Council File. Now we are having to handle the after effects of the War. With the demise of the Red Court, every other supernatural faction is going to move in to fill the vacuum. We are already hearing rumors of abductions of the lesser powers in the city. We have not had time to look into this as of yet.

Case File 1 The Red Court's Demise

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