Case File 4 Black Court

To Ebenezar McCoy, Senior Council
CC Carlos Ramirez, American Regional Commander, Western Region
Bill Myers, American Regional Commander, Southern Region

A report on the current status of The Black Court
Author: Siobhan O’Connell. American Regional Commander, Eastern Region
Date: January 8th, 2011

The Black Court is an enigma. We know they are in the city, and have been for some time. But if there is one thing the Black Court has gotten good at over the years, it is the ability to not be found. Overall, they were not involved in the Vampire War, due to the fractured relationship between them and the other courts. Yet, from time to time they would attack the Wardens in the city. Whether this was coordinated or just an attack of opportunity has never been substantiated.

Yet, even before the war ended, there were rumors of the Black Court starting to gain power in the city. They stated that an ancient one by the name of Noel Reeve de Cavendish-Pisan, was watching in the shadows. This was proven when Warden Lynn Ash was found dead in Central Park, along with the bodies of a few renfelds. That was all the proof the I needed for us to start taking them seriously. Unfortunately, with the war, we did not have the resources to do anything about it.

We do not know much more about the Black Court. Is it a scourge? It is just Noel alone? This is something we have to find out and fast.

Case File 4 Black Court

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