Case File 5 White Court

To Ebenezar McCoy, Senior Council
CC Carlos Ramirez, American Regional Commander, Western Region
Bill Myers, American Regional Commander, Southern Region

A report on the current status of The White Court
Author: Siobhan O’Connell. American Regional Commander, Eastern Region
Date: January 8th, 2011

It is simply too easy to underestimate the White Court. During the Vampire War, they were non-existent for the most part. Oh yes, they were there…but they just sat back and watched. This was probably brought on by the fact that they had no love for the Red Court. So, the only thing they saw with the fall of the Red Court was an opportunity to increase their own standing. We have sporadic information concerning the White Court in New York City. One thing we are at least reasonably sure of is that neither House Skavis or House Malvora seem to be in the city. We are forever watchful though.

House Raith
House Descartes

The fact that there are two known houses in the city is something we have to monitor. Especially with the vacuum left after the Red’s fall.

Case File 5 White Court

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