Case File 7 Summer Court

To Ebenezar McCoy, Senior Council
CC Carlos Ramirez, American Regional Commander, Western Region
Bill Myers, American Regional Commander, Southern Region

A report on the current status of The Summer Court
Author: Siobhan O’Connell. American Regional Commander, Eastern Region
Date: January 8th, 2011

Also known as the Seelie. Mostly associated with summer, life, and fire.

The relationship between the Wardens and the Fae has always been tenuous at best. This is mostly due to our lack of understand about the way they think. Not to mention that both Summer and Winter are usually so concerned with each other, that they tend to ignore the rest of us. I cannot say whether that is something I should be glad for, or terrified of.

I have met the Summer Lady, Lily, and the Summer Knight, Fix, and they were both pleasant to deal with. Therein lies the problem with dealing with the Summer Court. They are very pleasant to you, so you don’t always see that you have been manipulated by them.

The demise of the Red Court, could mean more of a Summer Court influence in the city.

Case File 7 Summer Court

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