Case File 9 The Triads

To Ebenezar McCoy, Senior Council
CC Carlos Ramirez, American Regional Commander, Western Region
Bill Myers, American Regional Commander, Southern Region

A report on the current status of The Triad
Author: Siobhan O’Connell. American Regional Commander, Eastern Region
Date: January 8th, 2011

The Triad has been in New York City for as long as anyone can remember. Yet, we have only found out in the last few years that the Triad was more than we thought. The most prominent Triad in the city is known as the 14K. They are led by a vicious ghoul named Three Oaths Chow. We believe that there is a large clan of ghouls in the Triad, but there is no way to know how many of them there are. The 14K controls Chinatown and all of the wheeling and dealing that takes place there. This is significant due to the amount of illegal activities that are transacted there. Anything from drugs, weapons, human trafficking, prostitution, etc. If it is something illegal, they find a way to profit from it.

We are fairly certain that the Red Court used The 14K as muscle for during the Vampire War. Ghouls make good assassins and we see no reason to think that this will stop. We are currently trying to find a way to get someone into Chinatown, to find more information concerning the 14K.

There are also rumors of another Triad of significance that has entered the city recently. We have no more information about this at this time, but it is something we are going to have to collaborate.

Case File 9 The Triads

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