Central Park

Central park
Aspect Bump in the night.

Central Park is huge, and offers many nooks and hiding places for illicit activity,both mundane and supernatural. The 843 acre park receives approximately 25 million visitors annually, is the most visited city park in the United States—although guests are advised to limit their visits to daylight hours and not to go wandering too far into the Ramble or other wooded areas. The park stretches between 59th Street and 110th Street and between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West. Central Park houses a range of supernatural creatures second only to that found in the Bizarre Bazaar. Traditionally, the park was divided into supernatural territories of a few blocks, where a particular variety of magical creature would stake its claim and prey on any mortal that happened to wander into its domain. Since the mid-80s however, two camps of supernatural creatures have been claiming more and more park territory, forcing other beings into hiding or other parts of the city. A gang of vicious lycanthropes controls the part from about 80th St up, while a band of werewolves is in control below 80th. Regardless of whether you’re in the north or the south, it’s prudent to avoid the park at night—and definitely stay away during the full moon, when the werewolf wars are at their height.

Face Prof. George Alvarez: Brazilian native and head curator of the American Museum of Natural History since 1987. Also a werewolf, and in charge of the Delta Gamma group of wolves that control the southern half of the park. He has personally trained the entire pack in the Brazillian shape-shifting tradition and wolf-form techniques, and he councils the pack to have a strong sense of duty to the community they are trying to protect. The DGs are in constant conflict with the Epsilon Epsilon group of lycanthropes that control the northern half of the park when the moon is full, feasting on anyone unlucky enough to wander into their territory after dark. In addition to trying to control the Double-E threat, the DGs try to keep the park safe from thugs—both supernatural and mundane—who prey on the people of NYC. A good pack to have at your back—but don’t get on their bad side or get caught infringing on their territory, because they have sharp teeth. (Professor Stats in Our world p 70, Delta Gamas werewolves on 93)

Face Cutter-Lycanthrope Leader Not much is known about the Double-E leader, except that she is a powerful but unhinged berserker with a penchant for sowing wild oats and bringing others into the pack. The DGs are fighting a war of attrition, and if they don’t find the baddie behind the Double-Es soon, they will find themselves overrun with rage-filled lycanthrope recruits

Central Park

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