Club Element

Club element
Aspect Anything Goes

Club Element is a den of iniquity located in the Lower East Side. In fact, it’s located at Broome and Orchard Street. But unless you are in the know, you’d never stumble on it, in it, around it, etc.

The entrance is guarded by a pair of bouncers, who just happen to be partners. Their love (in theory) protects them from all sorts of clients. They may or may not know what goes on in the back rooms. Or front rooms. They choose not to frequent such morally suspect establishments.

Visitors to this (literally) underground club are then greeted by a cheerful, if abrasive and soul-sucking, coat check girl. The coat check girl’s favorite habit is to take what she likes out of people’s pockets. Usually, she puts it back. Sometimes. It’s a problem she’s working to address.

After abandoning your (hopefully inexpensive) coats at the door, you are greeted with a wall of sound and visually insulted. Club Element is a giant, white room. The only feature is the sound- and bullet-proof DJ booth in the very back corner of the room next to the equally proofed bar. A Euro-catwalk circles the room, but the plebeians on the dance floor don’t have access…or do they? Sadly, there is a strict dress code. Only solid colors, my dear dancers, because ALL colors in a light beam combine to form white. The management has peculiar ideas about metaphor.

The interesting feature about this dance club is that everything – even the odd table or two on the dance floor – seems to have been created out of a single mold. After a certain chair-throwing incident in their sister club in Chicago, management changed the style of the club and added fun, if invasive, security measures. This makes all seven of the seats uncomfortable and as a result, not much sitting gets done in the main room. Just the three Ds. (Dancing, Drugs and Debauchery)

The bar in the back has some regular alcohols and some weird, twinkly bottles that the bartenders swear are just promotional items. In any event, they don’t serve beer and god(s)(dess)(desses) help you if you ask for anything but a fashionable mixed drink. Club Element has an image to maintain.

The image, of course, is a drug dealing dance club where the crowd is to DIE for.

Face Miranda “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” Emmaline Raith Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Windsor. She prefers to go by Emma, for some reason. She owns the club on paper and in reality. Emma works undercover as the coat check girl and tends to take things she likes out of pockets. She’s surprisingly average looking for a Raith cousin, but she works hard to downplay her features until the time comes for her to put up or get off the field. Then Katie Bar The Door, because all bets are off. She can work up a lust-inducing charisma that will kill cows at 50 paces. From love, you see. She hired the current bouncers specifically because she was sick of them kicking the bucket every third week or so. It was expensive in funerals and job replacement fees. Ever since she hired the lovely dovey duo, her bottom line has been much plumper. Emma is working hard to build her own little empire, especially after her prior clubs (Studio 54, CBGB, etc) got shut down for various offensives (visually and magically).

Club Element

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