House Descartes

We have known about House Descartes for some time. They have actually been in the city for at least fifty years and are located primarily in the theatre district. In the hierarchy of the White Court, House Descartes is not really powerful, and don’t seem to do anything to change that. Everything we have on this famly told us that there were other more dangerous threats in the city, so we have left them alone for the most part.

I have met Christian Descartes on a few occasions, and found him completely charming, but he never really came off as a threat. We know where they are for the most part, and that they have a lot of influence in that area…we just have not had the time to investigate this as diligently as I would like. After speaking with Warden Carlos Ramirez, I am starting to wonder if that may have been a mistake. Carlos has had more dealings with the White Court and he wonders if we are being tricked by them. I have absolutely no idea, but it is something I plan on trying to find out.

We are also unsure as to what there actualy emotion they feed on is.

We have work to do.

(Edit November 28th, 2010). Rumors are surfacing that the Rhite Court is making a major push on the Financial Districk. We are unsure as to whether is House Raith, or House Descartes. Or even if it could be on of the other major houses making a push in the city

House Descartes

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