New York Presbyterian Hospital

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One of the best hospitals in the city, NY-Presbyterian has affiliations with not one but two Ivy League medical schools, offers the gamut of medical treatments, and boasts the largest hospital-based emergency service in the city. It is located at 630 West 168th Street, on the Upper West Side. Many American icons—including Malcolm X , Andy Warhol, Jim Henson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis—have drawn their last breaths within its walls, giving it a rich supply of spirit energy. With such credentials, it’s no wonder that NY-Presbyterian is where both the mundane and supernatural denizens of the city go when they aren’t feeling well.

Face Jesus Hernandez: EMT and Night Shift Ambulance Driver. Hispanic, superstitious, sees a lot of hard-to-explain stuff on the night shift and believes somewhat in the supernatural, but is not fully in the know. He has no idea how complicated things really are out there. He uses Twitter to “get the word out” about some of the crazy things going on in the city, and he has a devoted group of followers who read his tweets for the entertainment value. Because he drives an ambulance, he doesn’t have a fixed location and can be hard to locate, although the local Dunkin’ Donuts is always a good place to start.

Face Dr. Christian St. Claire: World-renowned plastic surgeon who, as it happens, is fairy of the Summer Court. Startlingly good looking (but perhaps it has more to do with glamour than the knife), Dr. St. Claire is surgeon to the stars, using his looks and charisma to stay on top of a competitive business. He is famous for keeping secrets about the work he has done on the starlets of New York and Hollywood—as long as you can pay his price. He feeds on attention, and he has a clinic for helping indigent patients with burns or birth defects to keep himself in the headlines and the city’s good graces. He serves as a bridge and information conduit between the Summer Court and the mundane world. Remember the bit about paying his price? It applies to information, too.

New York Presbyterian Hospital

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