The Underground

Worth st
Aspect All sales are final, Caveat Emptor

Google Directions: Take the 6 Train to the Worth St Station. Get off and go NE in the station on the platform. There are grues out there if you leave the platform. (Sorry, wrong game). Mutter the password to the engraving of a fairy dancing on top of a more unfortunate fairy and slip a token into the slot.

What, you don’t know the password? Worth St Station is closed? Well, I guess you have a problem then. At least they still use subway to-…dammit. Google can be so touchy sometimes. There’s gotta be another way in.

The Bizarre Bazaar (or BB from now on) is an underground place where vendors can freely sell without worrying about a permit. Sure, one or two get knocked off by the Black Court when the BC gets bored, but it’s worth it for the returns. The BB has been around longer that the city that bustles above it. It was the place where Native Americans ventured out of desperation when the ships came in from Europe. They shouldn’t have bought those plague-infected blankets, but that’s the Black Court for you. Always willing to capitalize on the moment. Vendors have been selling goods forever, and some of them look like they were a founding member, with wares to match.

Now, the Black Court doesn’t technically operate the BB, but they do run their NYC operations out of areas around the BB. That makes them a suffocating presence in the market. Setting up tents, booths and a couple “cave” fronts was a nice attempt at trying to downplay the claustrophob-oscity of the area. It failed, though, because the BB is in a wide, sprawling underground cavern that has a ceiling of less than eight feet. People manage to squish in, though, because the stuff on display can’t be found anywhere else in the world/city/country (claim specific to vendor).

So what does one shop for in the BB? Well, there is the usual: sheets, knock off purses, socks and fruit shaped magnets. But you can also get talismans, interesting drugs and potions, or required services for unspeakable atrocities. (Calling up Dagon or Cthulu extra and heavily frowned upon as out of context.)

Outside of the BB, you can find storage areas for things you need to bury deeper than the skeletons in your closet. Everything comes at a cost, though, and you could be made to forfeit a finger or subway token. Further outside the BB and the storage area, and you stumble upon the Black Court, resting in their moldy and antique catacombs. Sure, New York has catacombs, want a tour?

No one has ever been brave enough to venture beyond the BC in the underground system of caves. Rumor has it that before the BB took up residence and the BC followed, there was one interesting cave that could take you places far beyond the reach of airplanes or Sherpas.

Face Vendor Fauzi Dae. He stocks and sells sheets. He is a great contact for the more obscure magical mixtures and creations. He’s old, wrinkled and stands almost 5 feet tall on a good day. Fauzi remembers when the Bizarre Bazaar was located above ground north of the new, burgeoning colony New Amsterdam. What he’s really doing in the BB selling sheets is a bit of a mystery. Fauzi Dae is almost certainly not his real name and it’s possible none of the stories he tells about selling ice to Eskimos are true.

Face Noel Reeve de Cavendish-Pisan. Mysterious member of the Black Court. She is most often seen meting out the BC’s displeasure both in the BB and the aboveground. Noel is old, but not ancient. She is vain to an amazing degree and goes to lengths to try to preserve herself from the inevitable decay that occurs among Black Court folk. She was tall for her era and stands a remarkable 5 feet 3 inches. She is insistent that her height is spelled out. Noel is strong, a bit on the delusional side, but has the ability to hold a grudge until the next millennium.

The Underground

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