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The Great White Way Running from 40th to 54th Street and from 6th to 8th Avenue, the Theater District in New York is nicknamed The Great White Way and houses about 36 theaters. It was called The Great White Way at the beginning of the twentieth century since colored bulbs burnt out too quickly in signs and white lights were always used on the front of the theaters. However, since the White Court has bought up in the area the nickname The Great White Way has become a slightly more sinister double-entendre. In the 1920’s the Schubert brothers famously took over many of the theaters that had previously been held by the Erlanger syndicate. Unbeknownst to most is that the White Court was actually pulling the strings behind the Schubert brothers, the Descartes family getting in early on what they saw as a good investment.

Currently the Theater District as well as the Tony awards are run by the Broadway League, which is made up of three organizations: The Schubert Organization, the Nederlander Organization, and Jumamcyn. The Schubert Organization is the for-profit arm of the Schubert Foundation—both of which are run by the Descartes family.

The Schubert Organization owns seventeen theaters in total having recently retained full ownership of the Music Box from the Irving Berlin Estate. The seventeen theaters (and what they are currently playing) are as follows:

the Ambassador [Chicago since 2003],
the Ethel Barrymore [Unchain My Heart: The Ray Charles Musical],
the Belasco [Joe Turner’s Come and Gone]
the Booth [Next to Normal]
the Broadhurst [Hamlet, starring Jude Law]
the Broadway [Promises, Promises]
the Cort [Time Stands Still]
the Golden [Red]
the Imperial [Billy Elliot the Musical]
the Jacobs [God of Carnage]
the Longacre [La Cage aux Folles]
the Lyceum [Looped]
the Majestic [The Phantom of the Opera since 1988]
the Music Box [Lend Me A Tenor]
the Schoenfeld [A Behanding in Spokane]
the Schubert [Memphis]
the Winter Garden [Mamma Mia since 2001]

They also own an off-Broadway theater, The Little Schubert, in New York, the Schubert Theater in Boston and the Forrest Theater in Philadelphia.

The Nederlander Organization owns nine theaters:
the Brooks Atkinson [The Iceman Cometh]
Gershwin Theater [Wicked]
the Lunt-Fontanne [The Addams Family]
the Marquis Theater [Come Fly Away]
the Minskoff Theater [The Lion King]
the Nederlander Theater [Million Dollar Quartet]
the NeilSimonTheater [Love Never Dies]
the Palace Theater [West Side Story]
Richard Rodgers Theater [In The Heights].

Jumamcyn owns five Broadway houses:
the St.JamesTheater [American Idiot]
the Al Hirschfeld Theater [Hair]
the Eugene O’Neill Theater [Fela!]
the Walter Kerr Theater [A Little Night Music]
the AugustWilsonTheater (previously to 2005 the VirginiaTheater) [Jersey Boys].

Seeing a Broadway show is a common tourist activity in New York, and Broadway shows sell close to a billion dollars worth of tickets annually, helping the tourist industry to generate billions more in restaurant and hotel revenues. Total recorded Broadway attendance in the 2008-09 season was 12.15 million.

The Descartes Family The Descartes family are White Court vampires who feed on the emotion of awe. If they feed on any one victim that person will be left with a bad case of ennui to say the least. However, the family quickly discovered that if the feeding was spread out over a large crowd, like an audience, then the effects on any individual person were so minor as to be non-existent. The Theater District is constantly flooded with tourists providing the perfect turnover rate to have fresh people filling the seats in the theaters and thereby satiating the members of the family. While some family members might prefer to feed more thoroughly on perhaps one person, awe is a hard emotion to evoke or to find, so most of the family has stuck with this main mode of feeding.

Not only do the Descartes Family own most of the Broadway theaters but they also own a significant number of successful restaurants in the area, as well as on the board of owners for both the W hotel and the Marriott Marquis Times Square hotel, finding that a full or satiated audience usually leads to one more susceptible to the emotional sway of the play or musical (and that they also need zero recovery time from the effects of the feeding as well).

The Descartes family though, despite being financially influential for over 90 years and having a major section of power within the City itself, has maintained a very, very low profile. The reason for this is that it is not known outside of their family that they are White Court vampires AT ALL. Rather they have successfully passed themselves off as human for the generation it took to build the power. Now that they have status and a good grounding of power, the vacuum caused by the destruction of the Red Court has made them believe that there is no time like the present to announce themselves as White Court to the rest of the supernatural community (including the other White Court families).

Face Christian Descartes. An extremely attractive man who appears to be in his early 30’s with dark auburn hair, grey eyes, and a striking, strong-boned face. He looks every inch the well-bred and well-educated man that he is. Likes to wear sharply tailored grey suits and thinner beautifully designed silk ties. Christian also maintains the perfect gentlemanly exterior of the silk pocket handkerchief and every other outward accoutrement when needed with every accessory having expensive, and beautiful, detailing. Standing at about 6’, he seems to be leanly muscled with more of a swimmers or a runner’s body than a weight lifter. Christian also has a rather piercing gaze that can be used to make someone feel ill at ease or incredibly wanted dependent on his mood. The Descartes family as usual has a small, inner-circle, reputation for being great philanthropists. While Christian must follow this apparent modus operandi, he also is known individually for being extremely intelligent and rather ruthless. He is not one any one can pull something over on. Christian has been known to cut such behavior off at the knees, leaving people to wonder at the fact that he seems to know everything that pertains his district. Always flawless at circling attention and running events he is mostly known in the wealthier areas of the city as a charming host or guest and is therefore much invited to parties, events, etc around the city.

Theatre District

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