Themes and Threats

Themes and Threats

Threat #1. It has been a few months since the annihilation of the Red Court and an abrupt end to the Vampire War. The White Court wasted no time in making peace with the White Council and for the first time in years there was peace. However, the city is in chaos. The supernatural factions are all making a power play in attempt to claim the power the Red Court once had.

Aspect Power vacuum of the Red.

Face David Rosenberg. David is a high ranking politician in the city. He was also a thrall of the Red Court whom helped them in any way his position could. After the annihilation of the Red Court, he regained his own will and realized the opportunity that had presented itself. With his contacts that he already had, he wanted to become a major player in the city. But he also realized that he needed some muscle to help him accomplish this. He contacted the Triad in Chinatown and arrangements were made to give him some “muscle”. Age 52, tall, in great shape, grayish hair, blue eyes, smart dresser.

Threat #2. The city has always been a dangerous place to be. Whether you live there, or are an even easier prey such as visitors and tourists. Within the dark shadows hide awful creatures looking at you as their prey. People are afraid to go out at night, unless they are in a group. Even then, they may not be safe.

Aspect What you don’t know WILL kill you.

Face Sara Reese. Sara is a homicide/violent crimes reporter for the New York Sun. We resurrected this paper to be above the NY Post and Daily News, but less than the NY Times. She is an acclaimed reporter that has no problem with reporting things that make her superiors more than a little uncomfortable. She has many contacts throughout the city, and is very well respected in the industry. She seems obsessed at times at trying to find out the particulars of the grizzlier acts that happen in the city. Age 37, short, frumpy looking, brown hair, hazel eyes, tacky dresser.

Theme #1. New York City has been a battlezone for years. First with the Vampire War that seemed to go on forever, but also with all of the other factions in the city that dangers the city. With the end of the Vampire War, they are being even more careful, since they know all of the other factions will be trying to make power plays to fill up the vacuum. At least during the war, the other factions attempted to hide under the radar. Now it seems as if none of them are. The White Council will need to help the city get back on it’s feet. Stablize the city.

Aspect The hands that protect us

Face Siobhan O’Connell Siobhan is the commander of the White Council for the Eastern Region of the United States. She led the defense of the New York City in the Vampire War. The O’Connell’s have been in the White Council for generations and she is very proud of that face. Irish, 34, red hair, green eyes. She has a very feisty personality and does not tolerate bullshit. Her parents were murdered during the war and she is still trying to determine who was behind it.

Themes and Threats

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